4 Frugal Minded Food Choices

frugal food shopping

frugal food shopping

Food is going up in price in case you haven’t noticed. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. While food is a necessity, that doesn’t mean you can spend whatever you want on it. There are countless ways you can save money on food. Here are four frugal minded food choices you can make if you want to keep more money in your pocket.

Start A Garden

If you have some spare room in your yard consider having a small garden. Having grass is pointless. It doesn’t provide you with food and you have to waste water on it. Your mini-garden can consist of carrots, strawberries, lettuce and/or tomatoes. By getting home grown organic vegetables from your own garden you’ll be eating healthier and spending less at the grocery store.

Go Meatless

We all need our protein, but you don’t have to eat meat to get your protein. You can get protein from plants too. Meat is an expensive protein that also comes with unhealthy side effects. By going vegetarian, even for one day per week, you will improve your health and save money at the same time.

Buy In Bulk

It almost always is better to buy a large container of food (or a drink) rather than smaller ones. While it may be convenient to buy a pack of individually wrapped cookies or 100 calorie snacks, it is not a wise financial idea. You will pay more for it and all you’re buying is the extra plastic. You can separate the food in reusable sandwich bags at home if you want to split them up.

At The Grocery Store

You can save money at the grocery store before even going there. Before you leave to go shopping for food, make sure you do the following: First you’ll want to eat before you leave. You don’t want to be hungry while you’re buying food. Second, go to the store with a shopping list and stick to it. Finally, don’t leave home unless you either have coupons or know what’s on sale.

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