5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

team motivation

You, as the leader, make the team, by giving them what they deserve. By encouraging them, respecting them and supporting them, both financially and socially. So, are you able to motivate and support your employees and other people around you?

  • Promote Purpose: By making your employees realize that they aren’t working for someone else, but this company is theirs’. All great achievers and souls were only able to fulfill their intention because they always set their priorities in mind. Before you set out to rule the world, you need to able to imagine what success truly looks like.  You should be able to paint them the picture of a real, compelling purpose.
  • Listen actively, ask questions and take feedback: When you set out to do a business, you need to be a powerful orator, but more importantly you need to be a good observer. Your business can’t prosper if you just work hard on your product without analyzing the market dynamics, consumer preferences and government policies. Your business won’t bloom if you don’t listen to your employees’ suggestions and grievances. Experience comes with observation and effective communication through proper listening. Take feedbacks. When you voluntarily ask for someone else’s opinion, you prove that you respect their opinion, don’t have huge egos, and are willing to change for the bigger benefit.
  • Just occasional motivational speeches won’t do the job: Your actions make more difference than your words. ‘It’s easier said than done.’ People will acknowledge you by your accomplishments alone. Telling the world of your achievements, without really having to speak about it: self-efficacy.
  • Stop bribing your employees: Yes, it is important to reward hard working employees for their extra ordinary work, but that shouldn’t be only reason for them to work. Rewards don’t always mean money or materialistic gifts. Sometimes all it takes is to show someone that you value his/her presence. Recognize someone each day. Make a difference to the talent in your organization or workplace. Thanking your employees for their loyalty towards the jobs encourages them to do even better. It promotes an atmosphere of appreciation and it makes the employees realize that their bosses appreciate their hard-work and diligence.
  • Keep yourself stress-free: How do you expect to motivate others to work, if you yourself are tired most of the times? Start with meditation, yoga, or just simple early morning walks. You can do some breathing exercises that will help you manage your energies.

No matter how good your business model is or products are, you still need a stellar team to design, build, improve, sell and service them.” If you are the leader, you have to take care of each of your team-members or employees, you have to take care of your customers and you have to entertain the investors or other shareholders. Think big. Think clearly.

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