6 Mistakes You are Making with Your Online Community



Everything you ever read on digital marketing will tell you only one thing – engage with your audience, your online community. But the real question is, how do you know you are communicating rightly?

What does community even mean? Community, in the digital sense is a group of interaction where customers, fans, partners or even employees come together to share useful content. Let us now know what exactly is it that you are possibly doing wrong, and how you can go about correcting those mistakes:

  • To build a whole community of loyal customers is a tedious task and requires a lot of planning and resources. What is that one mistake that can turn them disloyal? When you have made the one mistake of ignoring them. Loyal customers are required to build confidence for you new buyers. So, you can do a survey with all your current customers and find out their needs with respective to your areas of topics.
  • The quality of the content is more important than the quantity. There is no point posting 10 pictures a day when they have got nothing new to tell other than blatantly promoting your business. No one has time for that. So, make sure you mix your promotional stuff with some external content and some useful articles that give some tips or tricks.
  • While it is nice to start conversations with your customers, you cannot simply barge into a conversation unless you’ve been invited. That is called interrupting, something our parents have constantly taught us not to do. Be relevant and helpful, instead of being creepy.
  • Sometimes your audience doesn’t know where to find you exactly on the internet – website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. The moment your audience is confused, they will lose interest, and start looking for the next best thing. It is therefore advisable to concentrate on a few social networking spaces where your follower base is strong and responsive. If you have just 400 followers on Instagram as compared to a 1000 followers on Facebook, you are simply wasting time and efforts on Instagram, without which you can do much better.
  • It is important to understand the tone, traditions, and etiquette’s of each social networking media. You cannot post research papers on Pinterest and use hashtags on LinkedIn and expect people to respond to you. You need to move along the flow of your audiences’ culture.
  • Your job doesn’t end after you’ve created a branded community. It is important to keep them engaged and thank them for their loyalty – on a regular basis.

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