Be Bravely Sincere With Yourself


Sometimes we tend to pretend that everything is okay with our lives, even when things aren’t quite correct. We tend to ignore our problems and difficulties. We feel guilty or shameful while recognizing such behavior.

You can’t ignore your feelings, however unjust, ungrateful, wrong they seem to be. It’s okay to be kind to yourself once in a while. It’s okay to be wrong at times. It’s okay to get mad at yourself for certain reasons. You are flawed. So is every other element in this universe. You simply have to accept yourself the way you are and deal with it. Deal with it and move on.
We often underestimate our power to deal with anxieties, confusions. We think we are too delicate to accept the truth, so we keep tangling ourselves with delusionary thoughts. Don’t doubt yourself, the world already doing it for you. You are a thousand things but everyone chooses to see the million things you are not. Just because no one recognizes the real you, you cannot simply ignore yourself too. Be brave enough to be honest with yourself. It is okay to lie to people, however close they are to you. But it is not okay to lie to yourself. It is not okay to keep denying the reality.

For someone suffering from depression, for someone facing an abusive relationship, for someone who is struggling to pass their exams, for someone who is going through some challenge in their daily lives, it is necessary for that person to have courage to face the reality. Accept that things are going south, and deal with it. The more you push yourself to face frightening situation, the less frightening the situation becomes.

Only you know you’re lying to yourself. Only you know you aren’t happy with the way your life turning up. Only you know what you actually believe in, and whether you are really upholding your true principles. Only you know what you are truly feeling. Only you know yourself to the greatest depths. And only you can decide to stop being fake to your own self, stop lying, be brave and start being the person you actually want to be.

People often try to hide who they truly are by trying to be normal and fit in with the crowd. To be honest with others about who you are in this world, you must first be honest with yourself. You are the only person who is responsible for yourself. Stop blaming everyone else for your own mistakes and failures. Since we cannot be completely pure to the world, be pure to yourself.

If you want the world to believe, you first have to believe in yourself; you need to be true to yourself; brutally honest. You are confined to the walls of yourself.

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