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money and savings

money and savings

Local Bristol small business owners and entrepreneurs were fairly fortunate to be privy to some really good business advice late last month as business energy comparison firm Make It Cheaper held a network event that gave more than just a chance for a chat.

The event was held at the Paintworks in the creative sector in Bristol and offered a unique insight into the best practices to be followed by start-up businesses looking to do well within their specific sphere.

The general mantra and raison d’etre of the event was that start-up businesses are the future of this country and there for deserve all the free advice they can get their hands on.

Make It Cheaper have been saving nascent businesses money since they started in 2007 and with this event: ‘Save Money To Make Money’, their guests were in for a real treat. Former Dragon’s Den panellist was the guest of honour and played an active part in orchestrating the event.

The agenda was started with a surgery style workshop where the small business owners were able to trouble shoot with the infamously successful business man and explain the problems they were facing.

Doug had given his explanation as to why some young businesses don’t do so well against bigger firms, he said: “Entrepreneurs don’t normally have a balanced view of running a business. They’re obsessed with generating revenue and don’t pay nearly enough attention to cost-control”, very potent words for all businesses who are finding it hard to find the funds to get off the ground.

Make It Cheaper seem to echo this view point, they sincerely believe that small businesses are the way forward for this country, an opinion held by other local and community initiatives such as Bristol Media, Sift Media Business West, Bristol City Council, who were all actively involved in making this event a success.

The affair was ended with the inspirational speech performed by Doug Richard, sharing the name of event’s name Save Money, Make Money. All of the organisers felt that in really went well and the turn out alone spoke volumes about how much need there is for this type of advice in the small business domain in Bristol.

The free to attend event was focused on Bristol’s creative industries and there was a strong sense that many of the attendees had learned a lot of new knowledge about boosting profitability and saving on the things that matter within business.

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