How to Choose the Perfect Co-Founder for Your Startup

Startup Co-founder

To choose the perfect person as your co-founder of your startup is a very crucial job, which could shape the entire future of your business. It is as important as choosing your life partner for marriage. You can’t just post on your Facebook or WhatsApp groups- “Hey, looking for Co-Founder for my startup, please drop a personal text if interested.” You are looking for a co-founder, not a friend who could accompany you for a Saturday night party. This is just a pathetic way to find a partner for your business, who is going to be responsible for the business as much as you are. You have to be really sure who you are associating with before you set out to build your business. Even knowing someone for 10 years won’t be enough, if that person isn’t professional enough and isn’t passionate about the business as much as you are. This is business brotherhood.

Given below are few points you could keep in while you select your partner:

1. You need to look for a person who has skill sets that complement your business. If your business involves developing an app, you need a person who has an edge with technology and software.
Or you could go with someone who has a completely different set of skills and quality than you, and at the same time fills any gap in the business leadership as well. For example, if you are not a very good speaker and lack with a good command over the language, find someone who can speak well and be assertive.

2. Find yourself a trustworthy, honest person. You don’t want frauds and embezzlement of company funds, or feuds with employees and clients during the late run. Reliability is another important factor while deciding your co-founder.

3. Skill, reliability and next comes the vision. All great achievers and souls were only able to fulfill their intention because they always set their priorities in mind. When you look for your co-founder, find someone to work with you, you need to make sure the person is on the same page; if he understands what your company aims to achieve. So, check or compatibility, passion, and individuality. Is he ready to lead an entire company along with you? How important is this for him? Is he willing to put his 110% into the business? Are they just being opportunistic or have they done their homework and looked into your idea before jumping into it?
Find someone who gives satisfactory answers to these questions.

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