College Life: Time Management Tips for Beginning College Students

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In most cases, being away at college will be the very first time that you are given the opportunity, independence, and flexibility to make your own schedule. One that includes your personal life, studying, classes, and a part-time job, if you have one. While you may be thrilled with this new-found freedom, you will soon find that time management can be incredibly difficult. Here are a few time management tips for beginning college students to live by in their first year, and afterward.

To-Do Templates and Lists

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You will quickly find that it is hard to juggle all of your daily activities and still have time to both study and socialize. It is important to not put the most difficult tasks for the day on the bottom of your list, because they might not get done. Instead, put the most difficult tasks, such as studying for that chemistry final, at the top of the to-do template and leave the easier things for later in the day when you’re tired.

Always Do Your Homework on Time

While many college students hold down part-time jobs, it is important to remember that your homework still needs to be completed on time. You are no longer going to have your parents standing over your shoulder, urging you to get that homework done, and it is really easy to get backlogged. Putting off your homework until the last minute or getting behind and having to play catch up isn’t going to do your stress levels or your grades any good. Always make the time to do your homework by putting it at the top of your priority list.

Learn to Focus

Studies have shown that students seem to lose focus easily at the beginning of their college lives. It is understandable because you have all of this newfound freedom, and life is pulling you in a ton of different directions. However, you are in college to learn, and it is nothing like high school, so you need to learn to focus and make your college classes your top priority from the very beginning. The last thing you want is to flunk out in your first semester of college! Your parents will be upset and so will you when the dust settles.

Take Time for Yourself

While you need to concentrate and study, you also need to take time for yourself as well. Stress levels can get pretty high in college, especially when you are in your freshman year and just getting used to things. From being away from home for the first time to being overwhelmed with the amount of work needed, it can be hard. Do not forget to get enough sleep, exercise, eat right, and make sure to take time for yourself daily.

Whether it is curling up in bed with a good book or meeting some friends at the local coffee shop, “me time” is just as important as everything else related to your new life as a young adult.

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