Creative Romantic Dinners For Two On A Budget

romantic dinner on a budget


A romantic dinner for two doesn’t always have to be enjoyed at an expensive or exclusive restaurant, there are a number of other ways in which couples can enjoy great food and the company of their significant other, lets examine some:

1. Meal Vouchers

Discount meal vouchers may seem unromantic but with a little advance planning your dining partner need never know you’ve used one. Speak to the waiter in advance and ask him to keep the information to himself. Established couples may enjoy using a weekly meal voucher or Sunday special offers to save up to 1/3 on meals.

2. Making it Yourself by Candlelight

You don’t have to be a world class chef to prepare healthy, delicious and enjoyable food for your significant other. There is a wealth of culinary knowledge available on the web, from learning the art of sushi making, to preparing pastries, baked goods or authentic Thai cuisine.

There is not much that may not be learned via the Internet so make use of the resources and whip up a wonderful meal for your other half. Arrange a candlelit dinner in the yard or dining room and your date will be suitably impressed.

3. Picnicking or Barbecues

Take your food outdoors and enjoy the feeling of fresh-air-honed taste buds. There is nothing quite like the taste of food enjoyed after a hike or a beach walk, so wait until the weather is glorious, pack a basket and blanket and head out into nature and enjoy some al fresco meals with your loved one.

4. Make Two in One Meals and Use Leftovers

Every meal doesn’t have to be made from scratch. Make enough for two meals and freeze one half for another meal. The amount of electricity is halved and so are the dishes you’ll need to wash.

5. Pizza and a View

Dress casually, order a pizza and drive somewhere lovely with your lover. This is about as beautifully simple as it gets and you might remember doing this when you were young and in love for the first time.

6. Order in and Watch a Film in the Living Room

Ordering Chinese, Italian, Indian or African cuisine and then enjoying it in front if a romantic classic like Casablanca is a wonderful way to enjoy an evening with your romantic interest. Ensure an excellent bottle of wine as an accompaniment and you’re ready for magic.

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