What are THE Most Difficult Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Interview question

Here are two interview questions that can be absolutely devastating to your chances of getting a job offer at the end of your interview. Can you guess what they are? Here’s a hint…they may seem easy on the surface, but in reality they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Read along to find out about these two tricky interview questions and how to answer them with confidence:

  • What is your greatest weakness?

    There are some people who just like to see the world burn, and interviewers are one of those people. They will ask you this super uncomfortable question to get you all riled up. Now, honestly speaking, you don’t exactly have to dig up old graves to answer this question and also, you shouldn’t try to be too smart and say “Oh, I don’t have any weaknesses.” NO. That will just get them more excited. So, what do you exactly do? Mention an honest weakness. And while you are mentioning a weakness, make sure you also tell them how you are overcoming this problem, and how you are making amends. The key is to give a balanced answer.

  • Why are you leaving your job?

    Now, this may not be a very difficult question otherwise, because you can always tell them you’re looking for better prospects. But, how should you deal with this question when you’ve been fired? Well, in that case you need to have a very thought out strategy in plan. You need to stay simple, positive and not talk ill about your previous job. You have to accept your mistakes (if any), and show to them how you are going to take this negative experience in your life and turn it around to start with a fresh, positive journey. The key here lies in your body language and overall confidence.

Look. We see people underestimating the difficulty of these questions all the time, and it usually has the same result: No job offer. Why?  Because both of these questions have “traps” lurking just below the surface that can snag you when you least expect it. These questions are going to be child’s play for you after you’re done reading this article. The confidence boost you’re going to get from checking these two off your list is going to be MASSIVE.

Good Luck Peeps! Don’t sweat it!

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