Financial Planning Is Part of a Happy Life

Your money can define the life you live. It is important that you look after it and logically do not waste it. You will expect to become more comfortable as you grow older, earning increasingly more as the years go by. By the time you reach retirement you will hopefully have earned enough money to fund your later years so that you can spend your days relaxing rather than working.


Life is rarely a smooth road and the recession that has just ended is the prime example of that in recent years. It was a time when many people lost their jobs as more and more businesses failed and the real estate market crashed. No amount of financial planning safeguarded a huge number of people of all kinds from problems. Some lost their savings, others built up debt which they were unable to pay back. While realisticloans bad credit financial institution and credit card companies made provisions and wrote off millions of dollars of debt there were still consequences with a significant number of people having such a poor credit score that they had no access to finance.

Recessions will come again but in the mean time you need to follow some basic principles anyway if you are to have that comfortable retirement. You may make mistakes along the way. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes and not repeat them. In general terms it means trying to save, and thinking before spending on anything.


You need to balance risk with reward. Ordinary people may dream of riches and prior to the recession with property prices rising steadily there appeared to be an opportunity to get into real estate and make significant money. The crash brought an end to those dreams for many people who had hoped the rise would continue. Real estate is still an excellent long term investment and if you were able to continue to pay your mortgage payments there is every chance that your long term investment will still work out. Unfortunately if you lost your job and home you will have some work to do both to repair your credit score with a view to being eligible for a mortgage again and to raise a deposit to offer in the application.


If you have a job that is bringing in a regular monthly income then that is the start. You need to prepare a budget, looking closely at your regular expenses and devise a strategy to ensure they are paid while trying to begin making a surplus to help towards your future plans.

There are companies primarily operating online that lend money to anyone that can demonstrate a regular income and the ability to pay the instalments due each month until the end of the term of the loan. Typically personal loans are taken out over three years, 36 equal payments that pay back the principal borrowed, the interest applied and any charges. Such companies are prepared to take on clients even if they have a poor credit score. There may be a slightly higher interest rate applied than for those with no blemishes in their credit history. However the rate will be appreciably lower than the one that is charged to balances on store cards and general credit cards each month.

Available Loans

Such loans are useful if your current expenditure includes paying interest of credit card balances or other debts that seem difficult to reduce. You can get a consolidation loan that may be able to clear those debts leaving you with a single monthly repayment. If you decide to take out such a loan you can complete a simple application process including providing evidence of income and bank account.

The point is that you may get a surplus that you can begin to save. As time goes by and you make instalments on time it will result in positive entries on your credit history. Equally as negative entries get older they will carry less weight. As your credit scores rises and your savings grow you will perhaps see that the future is brighter. You may be able to think about real estate once again and even consider retirement planning.

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