Five Ways to Save Money Every Day

save money every day


It is not easy to save money, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. More than anything, learning to save money is about being aware and breaking bad habits. Most of us aren’t taught how to manage our finances, so when we are young adults we go into the world and have to learn tough lessons through a process of trial and error. This is unfortunate because some of those errors can have a lasting effect on the course of a life.

A skill that every person needs to know how to do is effectively save money. Having a savings is like having a parachute for when things go wrong unexpectedly. It is possible to save money, no matter how little, at any income level. Sometimes this saving requires some sacrifice, but those sacrifices will be worth it when you have an emergency. If you just make a few small changes to how you spend your money, you will find that you have extra to put into a savings account.

Below are five tips for the average person to save money every day:

Separate Needs From Wants

Every time you make a purchase, ask yourself: “do I need this, or do I want it?” Just asking yourself that question will highlight where you are spending your money unnecessarily. We often make impulse purchases that we regret later. If you rid these purchases from your daily habit you will rack up significant savings which can later be put to better use.

Take Your Lunch To Work Every Day

This is a tough change for a lot of people, but you will be shocked to discover how much money you save by making it. Eating out is one of the most frivolous ways to spend money, and if you are not making contributions to a savings account you cannot afford to be so frivolous. Money aside, making your own lunch is usually much healthier too. Find 5 or 6 lunches that you love and commit to making those for yourself.

Wait Before You Buy

If you really want something, you will want it for more than just the passing moment. If you find yourself eyeing a new piece of clothing, or a cute piece of décor, tell yourself that you can have it…but you can’t buy it for two or three weeks. That item will still be there; there is no rush. You will find that most of the time you simply forget about it. Turns out, you didn’t really want it so badly after all. If you do this just one time a week for a $25 item, you will have saved $100 a month!

Compare Companies Before Signing Up For Services

Most everyone is subscribed to some service, whether that be internet, cable, whatever. Before you sign up for a year-long contract, compare different companies. Most of the time these companies will run promotional offers. Do your research. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars as year by simply investing an hour to research

Buy Used

There are so many items that are just as good used as new. Not only is buying used way better for the environment, its good money management. If you are looking for a new bookcase, look first to consignment or thrift stores. If you need a new bike, check out online resources before heading to the store.

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