Five Ways You Can Save On Fuel

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save on fuel

With fuel prices soon on the verge of hitting $4 per gallon it’s always good to save money on your monthly gas costs. Many things in your budget may be fixed, like your rent, cable or cell phone bills. But with gas prices being so unstable you can never know how much you’ll spend on gas any given month. Here are five methods you can use to cut down on your fuel expenses.

Premium Gasoline

Unless you have an expensive sports car, don’t bother filling up your tank with the most expensive fuel. If you’re concerned about the long term care of your vehicle, then consider using the one in the middle, 89, instead.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle

If you have a gas hog like a truck or an SUV, consider selling it and purchasing a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle. You don’t have to spend boat loads for a hybrid, you can just buy a smaller car or one with less power. It might not win you points in a style competition but your goal is to save money on fuel here.


Properly maintaining your vehicle will save you from less expensive repairs further down the road. But it will also save you money on fuel. Keep your tires inflated. Change the air filter. Get the oil changed regularly. Do these routine maintenance tasks and you’ll find your fuel costs will decrease.


Traffic is always a mess and driving in a car that seats 4 or more all alone is such a waste. If you live near someone from work, consider carpooling with them. You will split the cost of fuel and be able to get to work and home faster since you’ll use the carpool lane.


We all have to make trips here and there to the grocery store. Usually these trips waste a lot of gas because you’re powering up your car, driving in the city and then heading back home. Then later you do the whole thing all over again. Instead, group all your errands into one longer trip so you don’t have to keep turning the car off and on over and over again.

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