How To Get Control Of Your Finances

control your finances

control your finances

Your financial situation will determine vital things about life such as where you live, what you drive and how you live. Almost everything about your quality of life is determined by where you stand financially. Thus you can understand how important it is that you have complete control of your finances. If your financial situation is spiraling out of control, here are some ways you can begin taking control back.


You can never have control of your finances if you don’t budget. Budgeting, in its simplest form, is figuring out how much you make and how much you spend, then allocating expenses without going over what you make. Create a spreadsheet listing your earnings and each of your expenses. Make sure you have “positive cash flow” at the end of every month.

Spending Cuts

If you spend more each month than you make, you will need to make some changes. This is the very reason why your financial situation is spiraling out of control. In order to take back control you have to control your spending by making cuts. Look at your budget and determine your wants and needs. Eliminate the wants until you have a positive number.

Track Your Spending

If you have a problem with overspending, it’s probably because you don’t keep track of how much you spend. You simply use your credit card and keep spending until  you have bought everything you want. Doing that is a recipe for disaster. Instead, write down everything you spend on a paper or a spreadsheet. The purpose of this is to show you at the end of a month just how much money you waste on unimportant things. By doing this you’ll be able to cut things that are not necessary like restaurant outings or Starbucks coffee.


You won’t be able to be in a good financial position until you begin to save money. After making your budget, take whatever money is left and place it in a savings account. This will be your emergency funds to use when unexpected expenses arise. Before, you would just put it on a credit card and then end up paying interest on it. But now, you will just use the money you have stored in your savings account. You’ll actually be earning interest on that money, instead of the other way around.

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