How To Make Money Off Credit Card Premiums

credit card reward program


Usually, when people think of credit cards, one of the first things that comes to mind is the fact that they have to pay off their balance sooner or later. Regardless of how much you love shopping with plastic, you have to have this reality in mind at some level or another. This is the cold hard reality of shopping with credit cards. However, there is a way you can actually make money off your credit cards.

Many cards have premium programs. Whether in the form of shopping gift certificates or actual cash back or premium free products, many cards have these marketing programs so they can increase their number of users. You can actually use these premium programs to your advantage and make money off the credit cards.

Your goal is to make money not pay interest

Making money off the premiums offered by credit cards is only possible if you don’t pay interest on these cards. In other words, you have to pay off your balance very quickly so you don’t get dinged with interest charges. This means you have to pay off your shopping balance before the grace period expires.

The great thing about doing it this way is that you get the points, but you avoid the interest. You have to do this consistently and make sure you have enough cash to cover the balance because if you do things differently, whatever benefits you get from the premiums are wasted. You will have to pay the money you made off the premiums to cover the interest.

Sell premiums online

Many of the premiums offered by credit cards are transferable points or discounts or actual freebies. In either case, you can use online platforms like ebay or craigslist to sell the premiums and turn them into cold hard cash. You have to list on as many places as possible so you can boost your chances of getting rid of them at a good price. It is a numbers game. Don’t just advertise at one place. Make sure you advertise at a free site or a site that charges a very low interest rate.

Sell premiums frequently

Once you get the hang of getting premiums and selling them online, you might decide to put all your monthly purchases on certain cards so you can get the premiums. The more you do this, the more premiums you have to sell. Once you get the cash from the premiums, you can invest the cash in making more profits. Also, you can look for other cards that offer freebie premiums. This can be the start of something big.

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