How To Repair Your Credit History

repair credit history

repair credit history

Bad credit, many of us have it but none of us want it. Having negative records on your credit history can have various repercussions that are quite serious. You could be denied a car loan or end up with a high interest rate on your mortgage. It doesn’t stop there, you can also be prevented from being hired for a job too.

Sometimes we end up with a bad credit history and it’s not even our fault. Unexpected financial hardship can hit anybody at any time. If your job didn’t offer you health coverage and you suddenly got sick it would cause you to end up with bad credit if you can’t afford the medical payments. What if the company you’ve worked for began downsizing and you lose your job and you aren’t able to find another one in a timely manner. These types of hardships can hit anybody and they will wreak havoc on your credit history. If this has happened to you don’t despair because there are ways you can repair your credit history.

Be Informed

The first thing you need to do is get your credit report. Don’t worry this is completely free. You can go to and get your report for free every twelve months. This is the page that creditors (or even people you want to rent from) will see when they want to check your credit worthiness. You need to know what history is on this report so you know what you need to get repaired.

Pay Your Debts

If you notice on your credit report that several items are delinquent, but the amount is not that big, you can pay them off. Each one you pay off will help your credit history improve. You might even notice an account that is delinquent that you had completely forgotten about. You thought since they stopped calling that the problem went away and they forgot. They never forget. Pay them if it’s a small amount and get it over with.


Is there an error in your report? It is not that rare for past debts to show up as delinquent even though you have paid them off in full. You can file a dispute with the different credit bureaus and get items removed. The bureaus have 30 days from the time they get your letter to remove them, according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The creditor also has to respond in a timely manner. If they disagree with your claim that it’s false they can submit evidence that you still have an outstanding debt. But if they either don’t show proof that you still owe or they don’t respond in a timely manner, that debt will be removed from your credit history.


Talking to your creditors directly may also help get negative items removed from your report. Let’s say 10 months ago you paid late and this information now shows up on your credit report. If you have made payments on time with this company since then, you can ask that they remove this derogatory information.

This may not work every time, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Every single item that you are able to remove from your credit history will help you get a better interest rate on any future loans you want to take out.


The best way to repair your credit history is to rebuild it. Some items you may not be able to get rid of. In those circumstances, your best bet is to continue making timely payments and don’t make the situation worse. As time goes by, the negative items on your credit will have less of an impact on your score.

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