Keeping Track Of Your Dividends

junior isa accounts

junior isa accounts

Investors have found that dividend payments are not necessarily written in stone. Many people who are investing for their children have opted to go with a junior isa to ensure their child’s future. A junior isa can be a great, secure investment and help children get established in life.

Many investors were shocked when companies and banks, such as Citigroup, stopped their dividend payments. The reason companies or banks stop paying dividends is when they are financially in trouble. The bottom line is more important to them at this point than paying investors their dividends. Some investors rely on their dividends as part of their income to help pay for ongoing household costs. Losing dividend payments under these circumstances can be especially hard.

Keep Your Eye On the Ball

There is not much an investor can really do about a company coming upon hard financial times. One of the best strategies in financial investing is not to put all your eggs in one basket. This way, if one of the dividend paying companies stops their payments, the other investments will still make up the bulk of the income. A company may be perfectly sound when the investment is made only to fall upon hard times through unforeseen circumstances or bad management.

Many people entrust their savings to an investment expert or financial planner. This is certainly a good idea and the savvy investor goes a step further and keeps abreast of what is happening with their investments. It is never a good idea to leave the investment of your money to someone else and not know where you stand financially.

An investment planner or consultant is there to help their clients. It is, therefore, a good idea to keep in regular touch with your consultant and find out exactly what investments you hold. Make sure that the consultant has your money fully diversified and is not just relying on one or two holdings to provide your investment income.

Those who wish to go their own way when they are investing should keep constant track of market situations and read financial publications. An investment in your future should not be treated as a hobby but as a serious endeavor. If money is to be earned on a monthly basis from dividends, investing should be treated like a job where you constantly keep abreast of the latest technology to
perform at your best.


One thing that all investors can easily do is read the literature that the company sends out. The company advises investors of all meetings and conference calls that take place. It is easy to listen in on these calls via the internet and the investor relations page of the website will have the date and time of the calls listed.

Investors are typically allowed to listen in when senior company management get together by teleconference. This is a good way to find out if the company is planning on boosting or decreasing dividends. There are usually enough clues given by company management to be able to figure this out. Investing, unless a professional is hired to do the job, should be handled in a proactive manner to get the most return for the investment.

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