Millennials are More Productive than Other Generations


Millennials the population group aged between (20-35) years are the largest group ever to enter the workforce. In US alone millennials are the largest working group in the total workforce. Having born in the eighties and nineties they have been in constant touch with internet and technological changes that took place rapidly in the past 2-3 decades. Milennials are no doubt more productive than any other generation. Millennials have grown to value productivity and have their own way of working. They are the ones who possess the ability to change the entire world by responding to stimuli of change around them.

Millennials are multi-taskers and can handle them effectively without losing out on efficiency. They are adaptable and are the ones most exposed to technological changes since their birth. Millennials have got a growth mindset and they want to impact the world positively. Their view of the world on an average is more positive than others. According to a report by Microsoft, 90 percent of the millennials link productivity with happiness. So for them being productive brings in happens and that is what matters to them the most.

Millennials know how to learn from their mistakes and keep a learning attitude while working. Though, their way of working may force the people of older generation, occupying the upper posts in an organization to change their way of looking at them. Also millennials are soon going to enter these upper managerial posts marking a new era of a different kind of workforce which is more dynamic, open minded and more creative.

Millennials know the most how to make use of technology and use their own ideas and thought to plan, take action and create even bigger impact. Even the older generation working right now, feel the need to change and are running short of skills that the current advancement demands. The kind of skill-set required now and in the coming few years is going to change and will be a lot more different than what it has been since the coming up of industrialization. These skills are well developed in the millennials which will lead to higher productivity in future when the technology and their creativity will come together.

People generally have this perception about millennials as being less hard working. But millennials are actually more workaholic and they proudly view themselves as highly productive working class. Millennials today are already half of the workforce and that 1 in 4 people working in managerial position is a millennial. Perception abut them is changing and they are now taking the lead everywhere and will soon increase heavily in the workforce of the entire world especially the developing world.

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