Misconceptions about marketing and advertising


The tools of marketing and advertising both have an extreme level of contribution to any business, to new ones especially much more. The balance to be maintained between the two, comes only with proper care and knowledge of what the two stand for. These two are not interdependent, more like complementary roots of the foundation of a business. There is a science to it, an understanding that comes with high and low research. It’s much more than just giving incentives, putting out billboards, wrapping your vehicle with graphics and making attractive products.

The purpose of marketing is to implement a strategy that raises awareness about your business and persuades people to do business with you, and without advertising this purpose simply cannot be achieved, for it’s the only way to put you out into the world. So here are some common misconceptions about marketing and advertising that you probably know and think are right (It’s not too late to change now) :

They are the same thing: To be honest, it’s way easier to believe this statement than getting into the gore details of it all. However they are hardly the same thing, they just complement each other. In simple terms, they’re partners in crime. Marketing is pointless without advertising, and advertising doesn’t have a base or purpose without marketing.

They are a waste of money: To those who believe that these are a waste of your money, can bid goodbye to their entrepreneurial dreams.

Think about it now will you, you want your business to grow but simply without investing in it. What does this say about how much you believe it’ll work? It’s like you’re saying your own services aren’t worth promoting, or that you are so confident that even without these tools of sale, your business will be a hit. Now that you have invested inyour business, it’s time you invest in growing it.

Celebrities and Popularity are vital: Yes it’s true. Most of the times it is. But the whole purpose of advertising and marketing is to look beyond the obvious. The onion after peeling it shows that most celebrities don’t sell the product effectively. At the same time, most people buy products according to convenience or liking.They feel comfortable with certain ways and thus don’t deviate. Paying celebrities to endorse and that too amounts in millions, is not profitable for you or your product. What it really needs is a good marketing strategy designed after much effective research and a great advertising idea and medium.

I’ll invest a little now and if I see results, only then give my full: Is this a good strategy? Absolutely not. It’s basically implying that you are not serious about what you have undertaken. Results never appear from minimal efforts. They only turn up when there’s hard work, sweat and dedication. Not to be a bearer of bad news, but following this strategy will only give you failure and disappointment. You wouldn’t hire a personal trainer, work with him only for a day or two and then decide if you want to be fit and workout regularly after seeing the results ,now will you? It wouldn’t be possible for the results will be hardly  Din major capacity, disheartening. Your business and you, both deserve to beinvested in. Much like our necessary tools that can help you reach peaks.

It’s easy: For all those who believe that these two sales techniques are easy, clearly do not know how to run a business. You cannot just do necessary marketing and advertising without having proper training and knowledge. It requires efforts, time, energy and flair, flair to be great at it. Not everyone can undertake this and give their fullest. Most of the times, it’s highly unrewarding and can disappoint you in many ways. You hardly find success in this path and it’s extremely difficult to keep going and being innovative to suit the product, the boss and the customers. You need to have the brain for it, a way of working around the market economy. For all the budding entrepreneurs, let me tell you that it’s anything but easy

Misconceptions don’t end here. There is a long list with troublesome and solid truths that each and every one of us needs to know.

The irony of marketing is that,despite the fact that its charter is to “tell the world about a product,” no one knows what marketing does. 

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