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It is one of the biggest bills that comes through your door every month so wouldn’t it be great to save some money on your utility bills every single month? There are some great tips that can shave some money off your bills that take very little time. If you don’t follow these tips you might end up needing a payday loan company and we all know we should try avoid cash loan companies such as LittleLoans. Check out our guide to saving money on your utility bills.

Buy Energy Star

The products that have a high rating in terms of their energy star will save you money every time, They have been rated as more efficient so the next time you buy a new light bulb or a new appliance take a look at the rating. It can save you a lot of money in the long run because these products use less electricity than lower rated ones.

Use your thermostat

This is a great way of keeping down the heating costs. Just by using a thermostat that will click the heating off after a while can save you overheating and save you hundreds. It is wasteful and expensive to keep on heating your home when you don’t need to. Use a thermostat and save money every time you turn on the heating.

Check out your electronics

You will be amazed by how many electronics are left on if you take a walk around your home. Just by witching off those that are not being used on a regular basis, and by informing your kids, you can make a saving. All of these savings add up so check it out regularly to make the most of this. Even when switched off, your electronics will use some electricity if they are plugged in at the wall.

Get solar panels

You can make really big savings if you install solar panels at your home. They harness the sun’s solar power so you can get fee electricity from your environment! This is a fantastic idea if you want to save on your monthly bills. Of course you will have to pay to have the panels installed but the savings you make every month will means that you can get this money back in no time.

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