Success is not Won, Success is Earned

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Imagine having to climb a 100ft. high mountain. Tiring, isn’t it? Now imagine finally reaching the top of the mountain, panting, trying to catch your breath; you see the best scene from the top, the view of the whole world below. How does that feel? Wouldn’t you feel like you’re standing in the heaven watching the earth from above? Now does the trekking seem worth it? Does the view look rewarding? Are you satisfied?
Success also feels the same, but when earned, not simply won.

You are happier to pass a test when you’ve worked the whole week for it, rather than when you manage to copy the answers from the kid sitting next to you. You are content when you present an idea to your teammates that is yours, and not stolen or copied from some other source. Mothers’ Day actually makes sense when you buy your mother a gift with your own money. There is a sense of pride in an achievement you can justify. Anything received free of charge is never valued. You can’t get something from nothing.

In this materialistically driven world, everyone is racing towards the finish to hold the trophy and to pose for the photograph. What we are forgetting is that while we are clenched to far-fetched ambitions are not even ours, we aren’t really growing. The ultimate secret to a good life is happiness. If you are millionaire and still dissatisfied with your life, you aren’t happy, you aren’t successful. To be successful, sacrifices have to be made. When you are happy, that makes you successful. And by letting go of success do you further your chances to become what people traditionally think of as success.

The new day dawns for those who stand long. Real success can only achieved with plenty of hard-work, efforts and sacrifices. You may and not be fulfilled by your achievement. Most people confuse success with glamour, money and power. It is about the journey, not the destination. And your victory is within yourself with the hope of continuing on the journey.

There are the three D’s which are the principle attributes to success- Devotion, Dedication and Determination. Devotion is the sense of loyalty, faithfulness you have for your dream, its cause and your passion. Dedication is what drives you towards your ultimate goal- the energy, the zeal, the motivation to grow, to excel, and to achieve. Determination is the firmness of the purpose- the not-quitting-till-I-die attitude.

When you come down the mountain, you will remember the sunset, but you will never forget the climb- because that has transformed you into a better person. The journey, that path has made you powerful.

Pay your bills in sweat and you’ll have a gift you can appreciate.

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