The Antidote To A Bad Economy

grocery store savings

grocery store savings

During difficult economic times we should look to cut back on just about everything we can. After all, if the cost of everything is going up but our incomes are not, we have to make ends meet somehow. That’s why the frugal lifestyle is becoming quite popular in the United States due to the current recession. Sure, even if economists state we’re no longer technically in a recession, that’s not what the lower and middle classes are feeling.

What I wanted to write about in this post is something I like to call the antidote to a bad economy. It revolves around cutting back on regular every day items, namely: Food. That’s right, food. You would think that food is the last thing you can cut back on. But don’t worry, I’m not asking you to drastically change what you eat or even how much you eat. Rather, it’s all about how you buy it. Let me go into more detail about how you can make your “food spending” be the antidote to a bad economy.

Grow Your Own Food

If you have some space in your yard consider planting some vegetables. What’s the point of having grass, which requires water but gives you no food? Instead, use that space wisely and grow some tomatoes or strawberries. If you have ample space you can consider growing even more fruits and vegetables. You can even then trade foods with neighbors. If you have excess tomatoes but no avocados then a good old bartering system like they used in the old days works wonders. You may find your grocery store visits diminishing as your garden delivers more than enough veggies for your family. If you decide to invest your time into creating your own mini garden you may discover just how fruitful of a venture it can be.

Make It At Home

Going to the grocery store and buying the raw ingredients to then create your own meals at home is by far the cheapest way of eating. When you visit a restaurant you’re not just paying for the food, but you’re paying for the chef, the waiter, the manager, the cleaning crew and for the building. You don’t have to cook every day, just cook once a week and make enough of it to last the entire week. Then you can pack a lunch for school or work and save yourself from eating and spending on junk food.

Grocery Store Shopping

You should improve your grocery store shopping skills. There’s more to it than just using coupons. There are coupons available online as well. Some grocery stores have rewards programs. If you have a credit card that offers reward points, use your credit card to shop at grocery stores. Know the price of items that you regularly buy so you can know when there’s a good deal going on. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Make a shopping list each time and stick to it. If you follow these grocery store shopping tips you’ll find you’ll be spending less on food every month.

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